Ortofon 7NX-AIC-X1 Premium (XLR)

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Ortofon 7NX-AIC-X1 Premium (XLR)
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Referenční XLR kabel Ortofon

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Ortofon Premium 7NX-AIC-X1 interconnect cable with Helical Round Multi Conductor XLR terminal

The cable's tonality is brilliant in every detail from a very high to very low frequency.


The cable is composed of four strands of ultra pure copper wires, PCOCC, OFC of different diameters, which are arranged around the center core made of a polyethylene cord surrounded by a cotton fiber cushion.


The positive and negative strands are completely isolated by cotton fiber insulation.


The cable is protected by the three layers of sheathings: aluminium wires mesh shield, PVC tube and tough nylon mesh.


Technical data:

Conductor size: 2 x 2.1mm

Conductor material: 7N OFC, OFC, PCOCC

Conductor details: 1/0.8, 7/0.32, 5/0.18, 15/0.18 and 10/7/0.1

Terminals: Rhodium plated

DC Resistance: Less than 8 Ω/ km

DC shield resistance: 500 V/1min

Shieled: 8/0.14/16 mm

Insulation: Polyethylene, PVC

Cable diameter: 21 mm

Cable length 2 x 1.0 m

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: signálové
Záruka: 2 roky

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