Kód: 1929
2 590 Kč –12 %
2 590 Kč –12 % 2 290 Kč / ks 1 893 Kč bez DPH
1-3 dny

High End RCA kabel / 1.5 metru / 99.9999% high purity OCC oxygen-free copper / 10mm silný / 24K pozlacené RCA konektory s teglonovou izolací  

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Detailní popis produktu

99.9999% high purity OCC oxygen-free copper
non-magnetic 24K gold-plated copper can lock plug
high-density four-braided shield 75 ohm design
low impedance / low loss / low distortion

This product wire conductor single crystal of high purity 6N copper, 75Ω coaxial structure design, high-density multi-layer braided shielding, imported PVC outside, non-magnetic gold-plated copper plugs to reduce external electromagnetic interference, the plug contact the use of 24K gold-plated treatment, accurate signal transmission can reduce losses. Is advanced CD, DVD drive audio output dedicated line, using high-fidelity home theater system with the effect more visible.

single-crystal copper (referred to as OCC) wire for audio production, audio cable manufacturing industry in recent years a major breakthrough. Scientific evidence: a high-purity single crystal copper is copper (high purity 6N), the entire root rod only composed by one or several grains, between grains and grain-free "boundary" or small " grain boundaries "(" boundary "will signal through the reflection and refraction, resulting in signal attenuation), which has a very high signal transmission performance. In contrast, widely used in the production of oxygen-free copper audio cable (the OFC), the large number of its internal grain "grain boundaries" cause signal distortion and attenuation, resulting in signal transmission performance less than the single crystal copper.
Akihabara's latest series of single crystal OCC copper hi-fi line is a long trial, is also the first single-crystal copper AV cable, great to meet the "fans" of Need for the demanding audio and video line requirements.

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